Ultimate Membership Pro

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Unlike many other membership plugins, Ultimate Membership Pro is powerful, properly built and packed with everything you need. More than 37.000+ membership websites are based on Ultimate Membership Pro with over $2 Billion Membership revenue generated making it the best wordpress membership plugin.

Experience seamless membership management with our WordPress plugin. Unlock exclusive content, control access effortlessly, and improve your site’s engagement. Your all-in-one solution for a thriving online community.

Protect your: PagesProductsCategoriesany URL, Content SectionsImagesMenu, anything and set a Redirect or Replace Content Rule.

WordPress Membership Plugin

Unlock the full potential of your WordPress website with our innovative Membership Plugin. Seamlessly integrate robust membership functionalities to enhance user experience and foster a thriving online community.

Our WordPress Membership Plugin empowers you with intuitive tools for creating and managing memberships effortlessly. From versatile subscription plans to advanced access controls, our plugin provides the flexibility and control you need to tailor memberships to your unique requirements. Elevate your site’s engagement by offering exclusive content, personalized user experiences, and streamlined payment integration.

With our WordPress Membership Plugin, transform your website into a dynamic hub where members can connect, explore premium content, and experience a tailored online environment like never before.

Easy to set up Membership Plugin

Our WordPress membership plugin is extremely easy to set up despite the fact that it comes with hundreds of options and features included. Once our premium membership plugin is installed the Initial Setup step is triggered and the most common settings are already there. You can start charging paid memberships in a few minutes

Unlimited Membership Levels

With our WordPress membership plugin, you can create unlimited subscription plans. You can easily create free, trial, and paid member subscriptions. Members may signup on Parallel Subscriptions together

Run Recurring Payments with Subscriptions

Ultimate Membership Pro let you Charge your Members on a regular basis, having flexible periods (daily, weekly or monthly) with Initial Payment or Free Trial A must have feature into a WordPress Membership Plugin

Smart Savings: Coupon Codes for Your Membership Site

Ultimate Membership Pro empowers you to generate infinite coupon codes, providing flat or percentage discounts for a specific period or without limitations for your membership site. This powerful feature allows you to apply discounts for the entire subscription period or solely for the first charge, offering unparalleled flexibility in managing promotions and enhancing the user experience on your membership site.

Whether you’re running a limited-time offer or a long-term promotion, Ultimate Membership Pro ensures that you have the tools to customize discounts according to your membership site’s unique requirements.

WooCommerce Memberships

Unlocking a seamless avenue for selling memberships, Ultimate Membership Pro effortlessly integrates with WooCommerce, amplifying your e-commerce capabilities.

This powerful synergy allows you to extend the reach of your membership offerings and effectively sell memberships directly through your WooCommerce platform. By harnessing the synergy between Ultimate Membership Pro and WooCommerce, you can create a streamlined user experience for your audience.

Users can easily browse, select, and purchase memberships alongside other products on your WooCommerce-powered storefront. It’s a strategic integration that not only simplifies the sales process but also expands the potential of your online business, providing a comprehensive solution for managing both products and memberships with unparalleled ease and efficiency

Members Management

Effortlessly manage your membership site with our user-friendly interface. Check profile details, received payments, sent notifications, and statistics for all registered members. With ease, view the status of all active, pending, expired, and canceled subscriptions and make changes with just one click.

Our tools empower you to have complete control over your membership site, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience for both administrators and members alike. Stay on top of your site’s dynamics, monitor user interactions, and optimize your membership site effortlessly with our powerful features.

Affiliate Program

Ultimate Membership Pro is seamlessly integrated with the most powerful Affiliate Plugin, Ultimate Affiliate Pro. You can boost your WordPress membership site’s revenue by having a dedicated Affiliate Program installed beside.

Email Notifications

Almost 50 different Email Notifications ready to use and customization ready. Send welcome emails to new members, email payment receipts, and remind members before their account expires automatically.

#1 Membership Plugin for WordPress

Discover the epitome of membership management system with our #1 Membership Plugin for WordPress. Bring up your site with unparalleled features, seamless user control, and a robust suite of tools designed to make managing memberships effortless. Whether you’re creating a community, offering premium content, or running a subscription service, our plugin stands as the definitive choice, setting the standard for excellence in WordPress membership solutions.

Ultimate Membership Pro – Best WordPress Membership Plugin


  • Multi-Memberships
  • Unlimited Paid/Free Membership Plans
  • Content Lockers protection
  • Payments Services: PayPalAuthorize.netStripe2CheckOutBrainTreeMollieBank Transfer
  • Sell Subscriptions via WooCommerce platform
  • Trial Free/Paid period
  • Drip Content protection
  • Restrict Pages or any URL
  • Subscriptions Plan
  • MultiPayments option
  • Login Predefined Templates
  • Register Predefined Templates
  • Menu Protection
  • 9 Email Marketing Platforms integrated
  • WPBakery Page Builder Integrated
  • Keywords Content Restrictions
  • Social Login with 7 Social Networks:Facebook,Twitter,Google,LinkedIn,Instagram,VKontakte,Tumblr
  • 5 Predefined Social Buttons Layouts
  • Double Email Verification
  • Dashboard Stats
  • Unlimited Registration/Profile Fields
  • Restricted Fields based on Memberships
  • Redirect or Replace Content Page
  • WordPress Users Synchronize
  • Members List Showcases
  • Search Option into Members List
  • Pagination settings into Members List
  • Custom Currencies
  • Coupon Codes discount
  • Bulk Coupons builder
  • Customizable Email Notification Templates
  • Custom Inside Content Locker
  • Special Custom Fields:Profile Image, Upload Files, Multi-Select
  • Conditional Logic Register Form
  • Verify Code/Question field
  • Professional Account Page – Custom Content, Subscription actions (Renew,Cancel,Delete)
  • Custom Redirect Links
  • Multiple Predefined Shortcodes
  • Custom Dashboard Access
  • Taxes related on user Country
  • Country special custom field
  • BuddyPress Account Page Integration
  • WooCommerce My Account Integration
  • Download Monitor AddOn
  • WP Social Login Integration
  • Invoice on Orders with custom Templates
  • List of Access Posts available for current Users
  • Individual Page for each Users Account once is created
  • Pushover Notificationsfor Mobile notifications besides the regular Emails
  • User Reports available only for Admins for a better user tracking
  • Subscription Delay let you set when the Subscription will start, also.
  • Membership Dynamic Price – user decides the paid price between some specific limits
  • Security Login to avoid bruteforce attacks.
  • Membership Badges with custom Images.
  • WordPress workflow Content Restriction based on Memberships/Subscriptions.
  • Filter & Search options into Members Directory
  • Pagination into Members Directory
  • Predefined Templates for Public Profile Page.
  • Gravatar and BuddyPress Avatar synchronization.
  • MYCred Integration for rewards points based on Subscriptions.
  • API Module for external Calls
  • Custom Account Page menu tabs
  • Predefined Templates for Public Profile Page.
  • Limit Comment submission based on assigned Subscription
  • Limit Post submission based on assigned Subscription
  • Integrated with Ultimate Affiliate Pro
  • Flat&modern Design
  • Ready-to-User once is installed
  • Multiple reminders Notifications
  • Provides Discount for Woo Products based on purchased Memberships/Subscriptions
  • Content Drip Notifications
  • Import Users&Memberships via CSV file
  • Sell SubSites based on Memberships/Subscriptions into WP MultiSite environment

Content Drip means that you release content at regular intervals and with Ultimate Membership Pro you can do that very well by decided for each Page/Post when to become available based on Subscription time or Membership and when to ends.

You can Release Content:

  • Instantly
  • A certain period after the user subscribed
  • On Specific Date

You can stop showing the Content:

  • Never
  • A certain period after being released
  • On Specific Date

You can schedule your content for certain subscribers so that people can?t log in and take everything in a single shot

Ultimate Membership Pro - WordPress Membership Plugin - 117

Account Page for logged users is fully customization including separate sections, custom Welcome Message and Overview text. The Overview section can be set as custom content for each User assigning a regular Page/Post content to show up.

The main Section split into tabs are:

  • Overview – with Custom Content for each user
  • Profile – with Edit Profile form based on custom fields
  • SocialPlus – Social Accounts connections
  • Subscription – with subscribe Memberships and Renew/Cancel/Delete options
  • Orders – User’s Orders history.
  • Transitions – includes Payment history transactions.
  • Membership Gifts – Gift Codes bought by Customer.
  • Membership Cards – available printable cards.
  • Help – complete customization section.
  • LogOut

Several Level Access choices are available with Ultimate Membership Pro

LiveTime – Members will enjoy unlimited access for a very long period. incredibly helpful for basic or standard memberships

Limited – Before the Access expires, members will have a specified time frame based on Days/Weeks/Months/Years. The Member’s limited period will begin as soon as they have Membership Access. Extremely helpful for free or low-cost Memberships

Date Rage – Regardless of when they register, users can only access certain resources for a limited period of time. Excellent for Promotional Memberships, such as during the Christmas Season..

Recurring Subscription – users will have access based on regular time as Days/Weeks/Months/Years when the Access requests to be renewed. Very useful for Recurring Subscription Memberships.

After Expire Membership – the current Membership may be replaced with another Membership automatically if that’s is required.

Ultimate Membership Pro - WordPress Membership Plugin - 126

Based on Access Ultimate Membership PRO offer multiple Billing options:

OneTime – One single Payment will be requested to the subscribed user

OnGoing – Long term Recurring Payments will be requested to the subscribed user. The Recurring period is based on “Regular Period” set into the Access section.

Limited – Limited Recurring Payments will be requested to the subscribed user. Very useful for Promotional Access available for several periods.

Trial Period – a Certain Period or a couple of Recurring Cycles can be provided as Trial for Free or a small fee.


After the Access will expire a “Grace Period” can be set for existing customers to renew/pay the current Subscription Membership

Ultimate Membership Pro - WordPress Membership Plugin - 127

Ultimate Membership PRO can block or restrict any element/product or dedicated Page from WooCommerce and Forms or Topics from bbPress

Ultimate Membership PRO is able to:

  • Restrict access on WooCommerce Products
  • Restrict access on WooCommerce Category Products using URL Blocks module
  • Restrict access on Shop, Cart or other Pages from WooCommerce
  • Restrict access on Forms from bbPress
  • Restrict access on Topics from bbPress
  • Restrict access on any Custom Post Type from WP Website

Ultimate Membership Pro - WordPress Membership Plugin - 128

Ultimate Membership PRO synchronize the Membership Users with ALL WordPress Users with different membership. Users from other Platforms or scripts, like WooCommerce, bbPress or BuddyPress can be managed to have restrict Access based on their assigned Membership.

The Users can register and login using any Form provided by Membership Pro or other scripts.

Ultimate Membership Pro - WordPress Membership Plugin - 129

Ultimate Membership Pro let you create Unlimited No. of Members and create a Membershipwith different types into a simple Registration Process keeping the Users synchronized with WordPress Users. So, the users will be able to use the WP for WooCommerce purpose also.

Email Subscription

Provides all the best ways to keep and manage your registrations emails in a dedicated Marketing Platform for further purpose. 10 Email Marketing Platforms are available: MailChimp, MailPoet, AWeber, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, Mailster, iContact, GetResponse, MadMimi, ActiveCampaign.

Ultimate Membership Pro - WordPress Membership Plugin - 131

Depends of your design you can use one of the predefined Templates for Login cutting of the additional Links and the Remember Me option.

With additional modules enabled, Social Login or reCaptcha can be set into Login form.

Also, for special desires, a Custom CSS is available, so any Template can be customized.

Ultimate Membership Pro - WordPress Membership Plugin - 132

Besides the Predefined Templates, all the Fields are customizable being able to change the Labels, Order and the Required Conditions.

For additional purpose, Unlimited No. of Fields can be added in different type with other great options like Password Strength, a reCapcha Verification, Secret Question or Invitation Code validate condition.

Depends of your Membership Levels and Strategy the Registration may pass trough a Subscription Plan first or just a Simple Registration Process.

Ultimate Membership Pro - WordPress Membership Plugin - 133

With all those Great Locker Templates you can build Unlimited Lockers based on a Custom Content Message with or without a Login Form directly from Locker box.

An Inside Locker can be set to hide and protect part of a Content for a specified Memberships or type of Users (Registered/Unregistered).

Ultimate Membership Pro - WordPress Membership Plugin - 134

All the Details for any Subscription Plan are customizable for each Membership. You can built your Subscription Plan with any details or images you want it.

If you are already using another Pricing Table, you have the option to use only the link for Sign Up. For each Membership a Simple Link is enough to pick that Membership for registration.

The Registered Process is not completed until the PayPal, Stripe or other Payment options will not confirm the payment.

The Registered Members can be moved from one Membership to another very easily, with few click.

Ultimate Membership Pro - WordPress Membership Plugin - 136