Knowledge Base

Powerful Knowledge Base, Docs and Wiki plugin for WordPress. Easily create & manage documentation to reduce support tickets and scale your customer support operations. This knowledgebase plugin works with any theme.


Create a knowledge base that provides support even when you’re not around 🤩.

A reliable knowledge base is the cornerstone of any knowledge management strategy. It improves customer service and provides better self-servicing docs, giving customers easy access to instant answers 24/7. As a result support cost is greatly reduced.

BasePress allows you to organise documentation for clients and employees. Build as many independent knowledge bases as you need to document your products or services out of the box.

It is straightforward to use, thanks to its clear and simple administration tools that integrate seamlessly in the WordPress admin area.

There are three themes to choose from with easy customization and colour branding, and for the coders, full customization via templates.

Check detailed BasePress Documentation.


  • Ready to use in less than 5 minutes.
  • A dedicated Wizard to guide you through the set-up procedure.
  • Create as many independent knowledge bases as you need out of the box.
  • Keeps your content organized in a logical way dividing it by product, service, department etc.
  • Serves targeted answers to your customers, saving them time.
  • Keeps the look of your website professional.
  • BasePress creates an entry page for your customers where they can choose the knowledge base they want to consult. All the articles, searches and suggestions will be fully relevant to what they are looking for.
  • Adapts to all devices. Your customers can consult it form any device including tablets and phones.
  • SEO friendly.
  • Professional support.

This is a Lite version of our Premium plugin that we wanted to share with the WordPress community.
It has all the features you need to create your fully functional knowledge base and nothing less.


  • Build a single or multiple knowledge base
  • A dedicated page for users to choose the knowledge base they want to consult
  • Unlimited sections hierarchy
  • List and boxed section styles
  • Image and description for each knowledge base
  • Image, icon and description for each section
  • Icon selector for each article
  • Icons manager to easily change your icons and use any icon font of your choice
  • Drag and drop reorder for knowledge bases and sections
  • Search bar with live results
  • Shortcode to add the search bar anywhere in your website
  • Related articles widget
  • Sections widget
  • Knowledge bases widget
  • Easy-to-use admin screens
  • Translatable via .pot files
  • Easy customization and colour branding
  • Three themes included
  • Use with or without Gutenberg
  • Create the support desk easily with this self-hosted documentation plugin

If you need some extra features for you and your customers consider upgrading to the Premium version and get access to these extra benefits:


  • Advanced search bar results based on user votes and visits
  • Articles voting
  • Popular articles widget based on votes or visits
  • Feedback on your KB articles so you can create better docs
  • Google reCATCHA feature to control spam from the feedback form
  • Automatic Table of Contents (TOC) in articles and/or widgets
  • Drag and drop articles reorder
  • Next and Previous articles navigation
  • Advanced Content Restriction by user role
  • Tags support
  • Knowledge base Statistics
  • Dashboard widget
  • Multisite support
  • Shortcode editor to add dynamic lists of articles outside the knowledge base
  • Integration with WPML for Multilingual KB
  • Integration with SearchWP via add-on for advanced searches
  • Integration with Oxygen Visual Site Builder via add-on


  • Runbooks
  • Internal knowledge base for teams and company employees on an intranet
  • External documentation knowledgebase for customers
  • Troubleshooting guides
  • E-commerce websites
  • Product manuals and wiki
  • Documentation for schools and colleges
  • Service or product documentation
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Wiki and much more
  • E-commerce websites
  • Standards and policies at government and other agencies
  • eLearning for Schools and colleges